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Kids, Toys, Helicopters and Snow in August

It’s great living in a place that has snow in the summer. Especially because the marketing and production schedules usually dictate that media for any fall/winter releases has to be captured in the middle of summer.

We were approached by our now good friends at we are 1188 to help facilitate a shoot for a prototype kids snow toy. The budget was modest (to be kind) but that is how they ended up with us. Other companies they spoke to could not pull it off for the funds available. With our in-house gear, amazing crew and relationships with helicopter service providers we were able to hit the number and leave them with amazing footage.

And as usual we had a great time doing it. Huge thanks to:

Gabe Langlois, Mark Gribbon, Taylor Loughran, Gus Ward, Dave Petry, Andrew McAloon, the Black Tusk Snowmobile Club and of course we are 1188.