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Pemberton Music Festival Promo

Our main operator and all around great guy Paul Watt spent four days and nights on his feet fending off party animals with a Mōvi and an Epic to capture most of the in crowd shots in this video. We were super stoked to be working with Huka Entertainment not to mention the magnanimous man-studs that are Josh Martin and Ryan McNeely from Gifted Youth. We look forward to having a bigger part in the 2015 show that is assuming Paul’s feet and liver have healed sufficiently.

Stu & Shin are even lurking in the video can you find them?

Movi Making Moves In Zambia

Shin and our good buddies from Freeride entertainment recently traveled to Zambia and put the MōVI through the paces in a new environment. They chased down every animal and critter they could from the back of trucks, motorbikes, hippos, helicopters and found that once the rig was in use they had no need for any other system to get the shot.

Contact us if you are looking for an affordable moving stabilized shooting platform.