U-loveit Milk Tea


Winter barely crept in the door and we have already been taking clients up to the beautiful snowy cabins surrounding the area. In November we had the privilege of taking a small crew up to the Callaghan Country Cabin for a U-Loveit [Chinese Milk Tea] commercial. We were super lucky mother nature likes us as there was the perfect amount of snow and even the surrounding lakes were frozen and exposed. The temperatures were low but spirits were high and it certainly helped that we had a warm cabin to house people while being able to shoot the winter wonderland right outside our door.

Pemberton Music Festival Promo

Our main operator and all around great guy Paul Watt spent four days and nights on his feet fending off party animals with a Mōvi and an Epic to capture most of the in crowd shots in this video. We were super stoked to be working with Huka Entertainment not to mention the magnanimous man-studs that are Josh Martin and Ryan McNeely from Gifted Youth. We look forward to having a bigger part in the 2015 show that is assuming Paul’s feet and liver have healed sufficiently.

Stu & Shin are even lurking in the video can you find them?

Hightide Mfg


If you want the best tool for the job you would go to the craftsman that has the years of experience to tell you what tool that would be. So if you want the best board for riding the deep snow of British Columbia you would go to a tiny little shop in Pemberton B.C. and talk to the people that have made snowboarding their life. Akasha Weisgarber, Gabe Langlois & Tyeson Carmody have taken their passion for snowboarding and started making some amazing boards right here in our backyard. The materials are top notch and as Alex Warburton says

“Akasha is one of the greatest shapers of the modern snowboard era.
Just saying’..”

So if you are looking for that board to get you around any part of the mountain this year hit up Hightide Mfg.

B4BC’s Chasing Sunshine Project with Megan Pischke

We’re honoured to share the first look at B4BC’s documentary Chasing Sunshine, which follows one of the strongest women we know, Megan Pischke and her journey with breast cancer.

She is an amazing mother, friend, snowboarder, wife and all around human-being. It take’s great courage to share your most vulnerable moments with the world something as you will see that Megan has no lack of.

Learn more at chasingsunshineproject.org on how you can support the project.

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